Live Event and Conference Broadcasting

Bringing Your Event Online

The world of conferences and events is changing. More people are choosing to bring their event online. 

An online event has many benefits over an on site event. You can extend your event to anybody around the world, meaning the reach can be much larger than ever possible with a physical event. Not only that, you can sell tickets to your online event in the same way you can any kind of in-person conference meaning your event can generate income, while also reducing your initial overheads.

Private events can also take advantage of online events, whether that is broadcasting your wedding to your family all over the world, or even an intimate gig for your band.

TINCS Live has been built to bring your event live. It is a fully customisable dashboard and streaming service that can take your event online no matter the scale at a price to suite. All you need to do is provide a stream into our servers, and we will do the rest.

Don’t have the equipment to livestream? Not a problem. TINCS works closely with multiple AV and Events companies that can work to design and stream your event. That, coupled with TINCS’ global network infrastructure means we can bring your event live from pretty much anywhere in the world.


TINCS Live Demo

Our custom made landing page can be themed to match your companies branding policy. Along with that, we can work with you build the exact solution that you may need. Our designers and developers can bring the event you want to the world. To view our demo site, click below.



password: TINCSLiveDemo

TINCS Live Demo

Your Video is the page Hero

Its safe to assume that with your live event, the video is the most important part of the page, that is why we have put it proud at the top!

This video can also be transitioned to a catchup video once your event has finished, so anybody can log in and watch again.


Fully Customisable Login Page

You can secure your event with a username and password, this means that people that you don’t want to view the event will not be able to. TINCS Live handles all of the password management. All you have to do is provide a list of users, their first names and their emails and tell them the link to your event. When they first sign in, they will be asked to set a password and then they can log into the event.

Works Well With Mobiles

The TINCS Live page has been designed with fully responsive CSS, this means that no matter what size of device you are viewing it on, the page will automatically change its layout to make it as visable as possible on the smaller screen

Watch Again

Once your event is finished, you may want the user to be able to watch the whole thing again. TINCS Live handles this for you automatically. Once your live stream has finished, your video is processed and stored to allow you to watch again. If required, we can also add chapters to the video so that your users can click through to specific times and even allow the user to click on watch again on the schedule and automatically be taken to the start of the specific schedule item.

The event will remain available for the duration that you need, and we can even provide the entire recorded event post stream as full quality MP4.


Let’s Talk It Through

Running and managing an event can be hard. So if you want to get any more information than what is shown on the site, or even just need someone to give you a steer, get in touch. We will do everything possible to provide you with the best solution for your event.