Welcome to TINCS Technology

“Thanks for stopping by. I started TINCS Technology for one simple reason, I love technology. Sadly, in the modern world, although technology is everywhere, not everyone has access to it in the way they should. We struggle every day with slow devices, complex setups and terrible internet. 

These issues are that they are all solvable, the problem is that within the technology industry, the solutions always seem much more complex than they need to be.

In the years I have worked in the Telecommunications and IT industry, I have always found that the best solution is the one you can explain to everybody, not just the other techies in the room. Technology can be complex, but the underlying concepts and ideas are something anybody can understand, as long as they are guided in the right way.

This is where TINCS comes in. I want to improve your digital world so you can finally enjoy everything technology has to offer. I want to introduce you to a world that isn’t just slow internet and no WiFi, a world where everything around you just works together.

Technology can be a massive positive in your life. It can keep you and your loved ones safe, allow you to connect to people anywhere in the world. It can reduce your energy bills, keep you entertained and improve the productivity of your business. At TINCS, we will guide you through the sometimes confusing technology world and make sure at the end of it, you will love technology as much as we do.

If you need us for anything, please get in touch we would love to hear from you. Even if you just want pointing in the right direction, we will do everything we can to help.”

Darren Woodlow – Director